Omnibus Spending Bill Released- Good and Bad News for Historic Preservation; Stonewall Historic Site Legislation Introduced; Historic Preservation Threatened in Wisconsin; PA and PAF’s Special Year End Appeal

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Preservation Action, Legislative Update Volume 18, Number 44, December 18, 2015 → Omnibus Spending Bill Released, Good News and Bad News for Historic Preservation After weeks of negotiations and 2 short term extensions to keep the government open, lawmakers released the 2009 page Omnibus Spending Bill, titled the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016. This bill …

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Congress Passes Short Term Extension- Omnibus Spending Bill Expected Next Week; Urge Congress to Pay World Heritage Dues; Princeton Battlefield Threatened in NJ; Russ Carnahan Speaks at Missouri Preservation Conference

Preservation Action, Legislative Update Volume 18, Number 43, December 11, 2015 → Congress Passes Short Term Extension- Funding Government Until Dec. 16th Congress this week passed a short term extension of the current stop-gap funding law, giving lawmakers 5 days to pass an Omnibus spending bill. By Thursday, significant disagreement over policy riders attached to …

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Action Alert: Urge Congress to Pass Limited Waiver to Pay UNESCO World Heritage Dues

Failure to Pay World Heritage Dues Could Threaten U.S World Heritage Designations Preservation Action along with several partner organizations signed on to a letter urging Congress to pass a limited waiver that would allow the United States to pay its annual membership dues to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. In 2011 the United States stopped …

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Omnibus Spending Expected Next Week; Transportation Reauthorization Threatens Section 4(f) Moves to President’s Desk; Advocacy Week: Save the Date!; Stories from Around the States


Preservation Action, Legislative Update Volume 18, Number 42, December 04, 2015 → Lawmakers Continue Work on Omnibus Spending Bill as Shutdown Looms Lawmakers continue to work on an Omnibus spending bill which will set appropriations for FY 2016. The government is currently operating under a continuing resolution which maintained FY 2015 spending levels until Dec. …

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