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ACHP Seeks Input to Improve National Historic Preservation Program

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, is looking for your creative suggestions to improve the national historic preservation program! The ACHP will use these suggestions to develop a set of policy recommendations, along with achievable implementation strategies, and submit those to the new administration and new Congress at the end of this year.

The ACHP began the process by assessing the challenges and opportunities facing our national preservation program. They listened to public input and input from ACHP members to develop an updated statement on our national preservation program after 50 years. The ACHP now invites the public to submit specific policy recommendations and implementation strategies.

Please submit your comments in the form of an e-mail with your name, organizational affiliation (if any), and contact information to All input needs to be submitted by June 10th at Noon EDT 

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Alabama Fails to Renew Historic Tax Credit Program Before End of Legislative Session- Supporters Gearing Up for 2017

The Alabama state legislature failed to renew the state’s historic tax credit program before the end of the 2016 legislative session. A 7 year extension of the program, HB 62, passed the Alabama House with huge support and was poised to pass the Senate, with nearly every Senator signed on as a cosponsor. During the last few weeks of the session, Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh held up consideration of the bill, citing budget concerns, allowing the session to end without action. The Governor can call the legislature back for a special session, but passage of the tax credit extension is unlikely in such a session. Supporters of the historic tax credit are already gearing up for another push to renew the program in 2017.

As for historic tax credit projects in Alabama, projects that already received allocations in the previous 3 years of the program won’t be affected. However, for developers considering new historic renovation projects, the tax credit will no longer be available.

The effort to renew Alabama’s historic tax credit program this year saw widespread support from legislators, developers, preservationists, and the general public. Despite the setback, supporters are already gearing up for another push in 2017. Stephen McNair, of Alabama Preservation Action and and a senior consultant at McNair Historic Preservation is still encouraged.

“We created a very public conversation about the tax credit program and its success in the lead-up to this legislative session. And we’ll be right back next year, and our efforts won’t stop until it is renewed.”

Continue to follow Advance Alabama for the latest advocacy efforts to renew Alabama’s historic tax credit.

Preservation Action at the Indiana Statewide Preservation Conference


Preservation Action President, Russ Carnahan, speaking at the Missouri Statewide Preservation Conference in November

Preservation Action President, Russ Carnahan, and Preservation Action Vice President, Debra Carnahan, spoke at the Preserving Historic Places: Indiana’s Statewide Preservation Conference in Vincennes, Indiana at the end of last month. Mr. Carnahan spoke during the final day’s lunch session on the current status of our national historic preservation program and Preservation Action’s continued efforts to make preservation a national priority.

Debra Carnahan, as a former judge in St. Louis, Missouri and one of the first judges in the country to preside over a “problem property” court, provided remarks during the Blight Stops Here: Creative Solutions and Reforms session. In St. Louis, like in many other cities, there was a growing number of properties falling into disrepair and landlords who were unresponsive to the problem. Debra Carnahan, as a judge presiding over a “problem property” court, took an active role in getting unresponsive landlords to maintain these properties or sell them to someone that would. Gradually many of these dilapidated, historic homes were saved and many were returned to their former glory.

Interested in having Preservation Action at your Preservation Conference? Contact Robert Naylor at or 202-463-0970.

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