Appropriations Update; House Passes African American History Bill; Bill Introduced to Block Export of Sacred Tribal Objects; Stories From Around the States

Preservation Action, Legislative Update Volume 19, Number 26, July 8, 2016 → Appropriations Update: Limited Congressional Schedule Makes CR Likely Lawmakers returned to Washington this week after the holiday weekend with limited time, as the August recess starts at the end of next week. Lawmakers still have much work to do on the FY17 appropriations …

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Preservation Stories: Amtrak’s Great American Stations Project

Completed Kingman train station. Photo courtesy of the City of Kingman.

Amtrak’s Great American Stations Project Approximately one-third of all Amtrak-served stations are listed on the National Register, and many are also included on state and/or local registers. The depot is one of the most visible reminders of America’s extensive railroad heritage and represents a variety of architectural styles. Train stations can ignite economic development, spur tourism and historic preservation efforts, figure into public …

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McCarthy steps into Majorty Leader Position; MAP-21 Letter; National Trust and ACHP Host Briefing; NC Tax Credit Still at Risk

Preservation Action, Legislative Update Volume 17, Number 24, June 20, 2014 → Representative Kevin McCarthy Becomes House Majority Leader House Republicans voted Representative Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) the new Majority Leader in the House of Representatives. Rep. McCarthy succeeds Rep. Eric Cantor (VA-7) stepped down after his loss in the Virginia Primary.  The House Majority Leader …

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